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I am Interested in Being
Trained as a Leader.

Are you looking for a weight management program that:

  • Is science based?
  • Has user friendly materials?
  • Provides training in skills needed to be an effective facilitator of change?
Check out LIFESTEPS®!
I am Interested in
Finding a Group.

Would you like to:

  • Make healthy lifestyle changes?
  • Work within a small group of supportive people?
  • Find out if there is a program in your area?
Check out LIFESTEPS®!

Progress Happens... One Step At A Time...

LIFESTEPS® provides strategies for successful, long term behavior change. Taught in a small group setting, LIFESTEPS® assists adults in building healthy eating and activity habits.

Are you a trained LIFESTEPS® Leader? Check out the latest information and downloadables.

Preliminary LIFESTEPS® data presented at the Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group (WM-DPG) Symposium! 





The information LIFESTEPS® provides is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between an individual and his/her physician.